‘Raymo’ to get 360-degree graphic technology

Dropping the initial plan of shooting two songs in Himalayas and Rajasthan, respectively, makers are looking for plan B and are in discussions with various graphic companies; musical love drama directed by PavanWadeyar stars Ishan and AshikaRanganath in the lead

The team of director PavanWadeyar’s upcoming directorial, Raymo, for which they are left with two songs and a fight sequence to shoot, is hoping to resume shooting from July 15. They had initially planned to shoot the two tracks in the Himalayas and Rajasthan, respectively, which has now become a challenge.

Shooting at these exotic destinations seems to be a faraway thought currently, and the pandemic has pushed the makers of the musical love drama starring Ishan and AshikaRanganath to look for Plan B. PavanWadeyar, dance choreographer Imran Sardhariya and cinematographer Vaidy are busy holding meetings and working towards presenting the two tracks with 360-degree graphic technology.

“With the government permitting resumption of shoots with limited cast and crew, we now have to put our brains to work. For the introduction song alone, I need at least 1,000 junior artistes to be part of the sequences, and it will now be a nightmare. We have started thinking in the reverse way — of having just 10 junior artistes, who come and go with different costumes at different places. We will multiply them into thousands through 3D technology,” says PavanWadeyar. “It will cost a bomb to get the graphics, but our producer (C R Manohar) has given a green signal to complete the songs using this format,” he adds.

The director has approached three graphic companies –— Unifi media in Bengaluru and two other companies in Mumbai and Chennai, respectively. “We are going to share the work with these companies so that it gets completed as early as possible,” says PavanWadeyar, who also revealed that the two tracks will initially be shot at Talakad. “We have chosen this location because we will get a wider space. We will be capturing the scenes in the desert patches by putting up some realistic sets, and later we will merge the scenes with the use of technology,” says the director.

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