Ravichandran to play a warrior for the first time in his career

There has been a lot of buzz around the film Kannadiga that sees multiple award winning filmmaker BM Giriraj and Crazy Star V Ravichandran team up for the first time. The film is set to be a historical and Ravichandran will be seen in the role of a scholar whose family has been preserving Kannada and its literary heritage through generations. Now, we have exclusively learnt that the filmmakers have shot for a sequence that showcases Ravichandran as a warrior, and this is an important part of the narrative. Talking about this, producer NS Rajkumar reveals, “Ravichandran sir plays Samanthabhadra, who was a chief in Queen Chennabhairadevi’s army. This is the first time that he plays a historical role like this. This character is an ancestor of Gunabhadra, who is the protagonist of the film and the character that Ravichandran sir plays in the film.”

He further revealed that the shooting for these portions are underway and that the team has shot for portions that feature Ravichandran and Bhavani Prakash, who plays the queen. Rajkumar, who has also shared the look of Ravichandran exclusively with us, adds, “We have shot the sequences that feature the queen and him. We now have to shoot the war sequences which are left.”

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