Rapid relief for land victims

Those who lost their land on the National Highway 75 in Hoskote could get relief in another month. The file has already been cleared up to 2005 and the post of highway landlord has been underway since 2006, said District Collector Karigowda.
The commissioner office responded to a query by a reader asking about the issue of land use while addressing the public’s problems. Landfill files have been disposed of for the last one year. The files from 2003 to 2005 have now been deleted. The 2006 file review process is underway and will be completed within months. He said that in the last one year, the district court has settled over 800 land disputes in the district. 
Measures have been completed in 527 villages in 593 villages in the Podi Free Village Project. The 5180 acres cleared in 544 lakes in one year were cleared and 99 lakes pressed. The problem of water in the district should be the work of protecting rain water. Rainforest is being implemented for this purpose. He also said that houses including Kalyananda Mandapam, cinema and industries have been given notice to adopt rainfall.
Lack of staff complaints: Government doctors do not get to the hospital in time for most of the district in the phonein ‘program. PDOs in the Gram Panchayats do not get in touch with the public. Not responding to people’s problems. There was a spate of complaints that were not coming in time. He immediately called the relevant authorities, and instructed them to make a motion register.
While most of the callers were informed about land conservation, some complained that the drinking water was not adequately supplied. Paying for government offices is not work. Some people have complained that the money would be harassed in the same office varsanugattale thikanihudi the full details of the relevant authorities kelahakida DC, this promises to be a tough kramakaigolluva nididarukaryakramadalli bhudakhalegala kesavamurti deputy director, assistant director hanumegauda, Nelamangala Supervisory hanumantaraju Survey, Survey Supervisor Umesh Hoskote, Devanahalli edielar Udhakar kalimani present.
Officials in government offices do not get into the hands of the people. In the wake of calls that the borewell had been unloaded but the pump motor had not been installed, the district officer, who had phoned the concerned taluk panchayat executives at the Vikas office, directed them to immediately report the issues and take action.
Some of the calls on the phonein talk about the revival of the pools. Develop our part lakes. The villagers asked him to cooperate. In response, the sheriff retrieved the mobile number of the callers, towns and pools. 25 lakes have been rehabilitated and 20 lakes completed. The remaining lakes will be revived as soon as the rainy season is over. Lots of entrepreneurs have been involved in the development of calls. He added that most of the pools will be developed as soon as the rainy season is over.

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