Rape threat to Meera Chopra!

Social media can be a blessing and a bane. While it helps us reach out to millions of people and impact lives positively, it is also a tool for those who want to hurt people, be it through actions or words. There are countless people who want to do good, but there are many more of those who only want to spread hatred and doubt. Actress Meera Chopra recently had a brush with the latter.

It was during anĀ #AskMeera session on Twitter that the actress said she was a bigger fan of Mahesh Babu than Junior NTR… and all hell broke loose. The actress was slammed with rape threats on Twitter by fans of Junior NTR, completely baffling her.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs when such a small thing can lead to such abuse and harassment in the online world. Speaking one’s mind on the most trivial matter, too, can lead to threats and abuses on Twitter.

We sure hope Meera Chopra comes out of this stronger, and the perpetrators are duly punished!

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