Rain water harvesting is not enough!

If people need water, they will get to Kaveri first. However, residents of ‘The Greens Apartment’ have adopted rain water harvesting system to ensure that Kaveri water is not Usabari.
It has been almost 11 years since The Greens’ apartment was built in 170 flats. Residents have been using three borewells as the groundwater levels have risen in the past. The Kaveri pipeline is located in the surrounding areas and many houses and apartments are connected to the water board. Realizing that the borewell could not trust the water, the residents of Kaveri came forward. It will cost around Rs 1 crore including prorata fees is estimated. Against this backdrop, Kaveri decided not to have any water but instead adopted rain water harvesting at a lower cost.

Rainwater for cooking and drinking is currently being used in rainwater harvesting at 1.50 lakh liters of sump. The rainwater harvesting water adopted a year ago is being used for drinking, cooking.

Dry boreholes
Two years ago, one of the three full battittu borvelgala. 1 to 2 lakhs instead of spending to get Kaveri water. It was decided that it would be better to adopt rain water harvesting once the expense. A year ago, residents gathered and studied and harvested. Amal Padmanabhan, a software engineer who is also a resident, was responsible for the harvesting. After studying various types of harvesting designs, it is estimated to cost Rs 2.50 lakh. The decision was made to harvest the best design at cost.

“The nozzle and filter were installed with the help of an introductory plumber. The water in the terrace flows into the cement tank and goes to the sump in various stages. This is the quality used to drink water. The rains in May got 5 lakh liters of rain water, ”Amal informed.

He added: “Three borewells have been built to accommodate additional rain water by constructing an inlet. Groundwater level is increasing. Every household has been instructed to use a meter with minimal water, ”he said.

Water in the borewell the barnwell, which was drained two years ago in ‘The Greens’ apartment, is 1,600 feet deep. The depth of the other two borewells is also average. Groundwater level is rising after the construction of the ingress. Water is also present in the borewell.

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