Rahul Gandhi questioned PM Modi during Haveri rally Bengaluru

Congress president Rahul Gandhi, during a rally on Saturday in Haveri, Karnataka, targeted at the Bhartiya Janta Party. Referring to the Pulwama terrorist attack, Rahul Gandhi said, “I have a small question from PM Modi, who killed martyrs of these CRPS, what is the name of the leader of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, whether the BJP government has given permission to Masood Azhar has not sent Pakistan from Hindustan jail?

Rahul Gandhi also surrounded the central government on the ban on banknotes and farmers’ issues. He said that the state’s coalition government waived the loan of 11 thousand crore farmers but Prime Minister Modi is calling loan forgiveness as lollipop. He said that the Congress-JDS coalition in Karnataka will fight the Lok Sabha elections and will win. He said that note-taking and GST has caused huge damage to the economy of the country. GST will be improved as soon as UPA government comes. Rahul Gandhi said that the farmers are the backbone of our country and we are standing with them in their struggle. They pay for insurance, but the companies get benefit from it.

On the issue of unemployment, the Congress president also surrounded the central government. Rahul Gandhi charged that Narendra Modi’s government has the highest unemployment rate of 45 years. He said that the PM only gave speeches; he could not provide employment to the youth in five years. While addressing the rally, Rahul Gandhi counted the work done during the UPA government’s time. He said that ‘Congress has always done historical work and this time, once the government is formed, we are going to implement minimum income guarantee as a historical step. Congress will guarantee the minimum income to every poor person ‘. Rahul Gandhi also criticized the central government for the issue of reservation of women. He said that if the Congress came to power after the Lok Sabha elections, women will be given reservation first of all.

Rahul Gandhi also questioned PM Modi’s foreign policy. He said that ‘Prime Minister tells the country that when China’s army entered the dock, then you were swinging with the President of China’. Rahul Gandhi also criticized PM Modi over the Rafael Deal He said that Anil Ambani has a debt of 45,000 crores and PM Modi gave him 30,000 crores as Rafael Deal.  (ANI)

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