Rahul put forwards food safety net, direct money transfer for poor

New Delhi

As the country battles the coronavirus pandemic, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday suggested the creation of a food safety net and direct money transfer for the poor.
“The way, the speed with which money should reach is not happening. You have to do two-three strategic things to fight coronavirus,” he said during his presser via video-conferencing.
His remarks came reacting to a question over the economic package announced by the Central government.
“Food shortage will happen. You have a food supply in godowns. Start giving it to the poor. There are a lot of poor people who don’t have ration cards. Include them too. Create a food safety net. Direct Money transfer to 20 per cent poor people in their account. Do it preemptively. Poor people, weaker sections are facing and will face problems. Create Minimum Financial Net even if you don’t use the name — NYYA Yojana. Unemployment will happen. Create a defensive package for SMEs,” he said.
On the disease side, the Congress leader stressed on an exit strategy after lockdown.
“After lockdown (is lifted), the disease will uptake. What I am saying is there should be no delayed action, it should be immediate. I am very pained that till today, food supplies in godown have not reached people. I am slightly discomforted that the SMEs…they should know what is being done for them,” he said.

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