Rafael Nadal: I am a bit tired, I had to deal with daily pressure

Rafael Nadal┬ácommented on how he was feeling physically after winning the 2019 French Open. “Well even if a bit tired. It’s not only the Roland Garros but five clay tournaments,” said Nadal. “The first three, I reached the semi-finals.

I played three matches fewer than as much as possible. I played a lot, I had to deal with daily pressure. If I have decided not to commit to Queen’s, (it) is because the last two years, after winning here, you (make) an agreement with the tournament and then, you have to withdraw at the last minute.

If I had gone bad in Paris, I could have played in Queen’s because they would have still given me a wild card. The last years I was good on clay and I felt I had chances to compete even without playing a tournament prior to that.”

Nadal added: “I had problems in all the tournaments. I had gotten tired of playing taking painkillers. In Barcelona, I thought about stopping, but not for a long time… The injuries have (affected) my seasons for a long time.

The last year I played nine tournaments. People remember me playing and playing and that has not been existing for some years now. I try to stay injury-free in order to compete as long as I can. Sometimes there were more injuries than the ones I would have expected.”

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