RadhaKalyana fame Chaitra Rai is now multi-faceted actress in Telugu

Now Rai has decided to actively participate and to enact in Kannada Movies and TV serials.  The Kannada film producers and directors have to encourage her by facilitating with opportunities to One cannot forget the role played by beautiful Chaitra Rai of Mangalore a few years back in the ‘Radhakalyana’ serial that aired by Zee Kannada. The ‘Radhakalyana’ serial was very popular by that time. Chaitra Rai, who also starred in Kusumanjali, Gejjepooje, Nagamani, Bombeyatavayya, Pournami, Ugadi, BannadaBuguri, RadhaKalyana and other serials in Kannada, later starred in the ‘Jumbo Savaari’ movie starring PrajwalDevaraj. Later when she was being offered a chance to act in the Cinema, she gave up and favoured to act in the serials.  Chaitra Rai’s 9-year television journey, a 7-year career in Telugu industry, is awaiting a good role and opportunities in Kannada. Not only Telugu fans of Chaitra but also Kannada fans of Chaitra Rai are waiting to see her in Kannada Movies and on television. In addition to acting in movies.  Though she had found it difficult to learn Telagu language, succeeded by learning the language with love started enacting in the Chaitra has also started acting in Telagu TV serials where she made name and fame.  Mr.Prasanna Shetty, the better half of Chaitra Rai is not an obstacle for her endeavours but encouraged her in all the walks of colourful life.  She has a lot of support from the end of her husband Mr.Prasanna Shetty and the members of her family has enhanced her confidence to go ahead with a new spirit and enthusiasm!

exhibit her talent and to enhance the glamour of Kannada Film and TV industries.

The serial shooting which had been stopped on account of lock down has just begun and she is now involved in serial shooting.


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