Queue at 4am for treatment at Nimhans

In order to betreated at KM Pankaja Bangalore Nimhans, the queue should stop at 4 am. If you are late, there is no cure!

Yes, more than two thousand people come to the Outpatient Department every day at Nimhans. They come from various parts of the state as well as from outside states. Come at 4 in the morning and stand in the queue. Arrive early in the morning and you will receive a voucher for the doctor’s visit. Otherwise it will have to come another day. NIMHANS is renowned for quality treatment at low cost of

Arrival of patients across the country

Thousands of patients are receiving treatment from all over the state as well as from outside India, including South India and North India. This makes it difficult for patients to receive treatment in a timely manner, even though they have skilled specialists and necessary staff, including doctors and nurses.

You should stand in the queue early in the morning to get the sick card. Then you have to go to the queue to go to the doctor. If they are written for X-ray scanning, it takes days or weeks to get tested. Wait 2-3 months if surgery is required except for emergency treatment. Sometimes there is a reprieve. The poorest of the Nimhans are large. The delay in treatment is inevitable as private hospitals cannot afford the cost of treatment.

What treatment is available

Nimhans has 60-70 sections depending on a variety of issues, including outpatient, emergency department, neurosurgery, neurosurgery, psychiatry (separate for children and adults), and substance abuse treatment. NIMHANS treats people with brain and mind problems such as accidents, serious head injuries, mental illness, mental illness, neurological problems, depressed people, those with age-related neurological impairments, memory impairment.

OPD Service:

“Prior to this, only 200 people were treated in each department. But as the number of patients is increasing, that has now been lifted. Instead, from 9am to 11.30am, the number of vouchers received in the outpatient department will be served every night, ”said Dr Dharwad, the hospital director. Gangadhar informed.

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