Protest against setting up of STP

Farmers staged a protest in front of the Suvarna Soudha for nearly two hours on Tuesday against setting up of a sewage treatment plant in Halaga village.

Zilla panchayat member Saraswati Patil, who led the protest, asked the government to shift the plant out of the village. She said the State government and the city corporation were trying to ruin the beauty of Halaga village by filing it with dirt from the city. “Why should we live with the smell of toilet water? Why don’t you set up the STP in an area without human population,” she said.

“The government is taking over 19 acres of fertile land in the village. It does not realise that it is taking away the livelihoods of many farmer families. What should they do once they lose their land?” she asked.

Ms. Patil asked the government to stop acquiring lands for infrastructure projects. “I have seen over-bridges and roads in the U.S. that require very little land acquisition. Our ministers and MLAs should go there and see those roads and bridges,” she said.

The farmers submitted a memorandum against the STP and dispersed.

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