Protest Against Forest Rights Fighting Committee Activists


The Dalit Rights Committee, Karnataka Provincial Farmer Association and Forest Rights Working Committee activists protested in front of the sub-divisional office of the city on Friday, demanding that the forest rights be distributed to landowners.

2,84,625 forest produce and land cultivators have filed a petition claiming that the Scheduled Tribes (Tribes) and the Forestry Act of the Forestry Act. Of these, only 16,130 applications were awarded. 2,14,710 applications have been rejected or disposed of. However, the Supreme Court has ordered rejection of applications for February 2019 by housing and land acquisition and seizing land. V. Shivshankar expressed concern that this was a serious development.

The 681 applications filed in the Hospet Taluk were rejected. Koodligi-325, Hagaribomahalli -74 applications have been rejected. Also, 5,196 applications in the district, including Siruguppa, Bellary, Flower Shagali, Kurugodu and Kampli were rejected. Outraged that the applications were rejected even though they were given sufficient documents.

Issue of rights to all farmers who submitted applications. Rejected applications should be reviewed and disposed of. Atrocities on coastal farmers are going on and they should be avoided. Surveys should stop stopping the cultivators from giving industrial land to the industrial industry. Industry owners demanded that the forest land illegally be amended and prevent it.

Basavaraja, RS Basavaraj, R. Bhaskarredi, Jagannath, Basavaraja Vali, Maradi Jambayyanayaka, S. Sathamurthy, B.Reshesh Kumar, Satish Gurikar, Kanivappa, Thippeswamy were among others.

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