Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas hunting for a $20 million mansion, sell their Beverly Hills home for $6.9 million

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have made a massive change in residence recently and the couple is looking to upgrade their home. Apparently, Nickyanka are on a house-hunting spree with a massive budget! According to a TMZ, Nick Jonas sold his bachelor par in Beverly Hills last month for $6.9 million. Nick had pocketed the lavish space in April 2018 for $6.5 million, but after upgrading the house and paying realtor fees, the singer may have just about managed to break even.

Priyanka and Nick’s home is situated in the prime location of Beverly Hills Post Office neighbourhood and the 4,129 square feet lavish abode comes with five bedrooms and four bathrooms, it also had an infinity pool with an impressive view, stated the report. However, Priyanka and Nick are now eyeing to move into a luxurious mansion, with the budget of a whopping $20 million. “Nick and Priyanka have been looking in Bel-Air and Bev Hills … their budget is around $20 million, but they haven’t found the perfect place just yet,” the report quoted a source. Moving on from the bachelor pad, it seems like Priyanka and Nick are now hunting for a family-friendly home.

The couple had tied the knot last year, in a lavish ceremony held in Rajasthan. Nick and Priyanka had an Indian wedding ceremony as well as a Christian white wedding.

Rumours are rife that the couple is planning to go the family way soon. Speaking about motherhood, Priyanka had said in an earlier interview, “I’ve always wanted to (become a mom some day). I think, you know, whenever God wants it to happen. I just have a few of my friends who are having babies right now and I’m like, ‘God I need to catch up!”

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