Police click pictures of motorist even before official order

Police are conducting barricades and checking motorists in various parts of the city at night to track down crime and suspects. The public is embarrassed by the police personnel clicking the photo even though there is no official order from the city police commissioner.
An employee of a reputed private company in Rajarajeshwari has twice this experience. When questioned, “Why is there no order?”
“When I finished work, I went to my house at midnight and asked for the vehicle records. All documents were shown to the police. He then proceeded to take a photo if leaving. It was dispatched when questioned, ”said Mallikarjuna, a private company employee.
As we have provided, why do police take photos when vehicle records are correct? Tell them to sit in the vehicle and take a photo. The police take photos of criminals. They do not understand their purpose. If the vehicle records are not correct or for a specific reason or order, the photo must be taken. Otherwise the right to privacy and liberty is violated. He asked.
Sometimes only the police can take a photo if there is any doubt. Police personnel may have taken a photo to show that the inspection was recorded. Not ordered like that. A senior police official said the photo could not be taken except for a specific reason.
There have been many cases of vehicle theft recently in the city. Two-wheeler thefts are taking place every day. The night-time fugitives are fleeing the vehicle lock, breaking the handle lock. Thus, inspecting the nakabandi can control vehicle theft. Nakabandi, if checked, would hesitate to steal, police said.
No order that the photo be taken. City police commissioner Alok Kumar said that if the police take a photo against your will, you can contact the Inspector of Police, ACP and DCP.

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