Pogaru will surely release in April: Dhruva Sarja

Actor Dhruva Sarja has confirmed the release of Pogaru which is in the queue from quite a long time. The actor who was invited as the chief guest of the muhurath of Old Monk has said that the movie will release across Karnataka in April.

Pogaru is waiting t get the clearance from the censor board. The audio of the movie is likely to be released in March. The film directed by Nanda Kishore has Rashmika Manadanna in female lead. The posters and promo of the movie has already captivated the fans of Dhruva Sarja.

Amidst all this, Dhruva Sarja has spoken about the release of “Pogaru” cinema. Dhruv Sarja, who was the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the film ‘Old Monk’ starring Srini on Wednesday, has been questioned by the media as to when the movie ‘Pogaru’ will be open. Speaking on the occasion, Dhruva Sarja said, “Pogaru” will be released in April.

As the cinema is in front of the censor, the exact date will be announced after the censorship. ” Responding to a question on whether big star films like “Crores-3” and “Robert” are coming back to the screen in April, Polar replied, “No big stars in other films in April. Let them come first. We will come after them. ‘

According to sources, the film crew is preparing to release the audio and second trailer of “Pogaru” in March, which is expected to come out a month later. “Pogaru” is directed by Nanda Kishore and in the movie “Kirik” Cheluwe Rashmika Mandana is seen as the heroine. Overall it is almost certain to come to the “Pogaru” screen this summer, with only a date to be fixed.

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