PM Modi makes strong pitch for India’s inclusion in Security Council, calls for reform in character of UN

New York/New Delhi

Making a strong pitch for India’s inclusion as a permanent member of United Nations Security Council, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said “reform in the responses, in the processes, and in the very character of the United Nations is the need of the hour” and wondered as to how long India with its unique contribution to the UN will be “kept out of the decision-making structures” of the world body.

Addressing the 75th United Nations General Assembly in Hindi through video-conferencing, the Prime Minister said that the international community is faced with a very important question about the relevance of United Nations as the “requirements and challenges” of the present as well as the future are vastly different from those when the world body was constituted in 1945.

“Reform in the responses, in the processes, and in the very character of the United Nations is the need of the hour. For how long will India be kept out of the decision-making structures of the United Nations?,” PM Modi asked.

“This is a country, which has hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, many sects, and many ideologies; This is a country, which was a leading global economy for centuries and also one which has endured hundreds of years of foreign rule. How long would a country have to wait particularly when the transformational changes happening in that country affect a large part of the world?” he asked.

Barring China, all other four permanent members of the UNSC have expressed support for India’s candidature for a permanent seat in the security council.

Modi said that every Indian, while seeing the contribution of India in the United Nations, aspires for India’s expanded role in the body.

He also referred to India’s contributions to about 50 UN peace missions over the decades.

He called for a “serious introspection of the work of the United Nations” as there have been several wars, terrorist attacks which shook the world.

The Prime Minister said in these wars and in these attacks, the people who died, “they are people just like you and me”.

He said there are also several instances that point to the need for a serious introspection of the work of the United Nations.

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