Platelet costs from BBMP: Manjunatha Prasad

Commissioner N. Manjunatha Prasad said the cost of poor platelet replenishment for dengue treatment would be borne by the BBMP itself.

Addressing a phone interview organized by Vijaya Karnataka on Wednesday, he said, “3740 dengue cases have been detected in the city so far. Several precautions have been taken to control dengue, ” he said.

“Poor patients have to spend expensive to buy platelets. It has been noticed that many are suffering. Platelet purchase costs will be borne by the council at a council meeting previously. If patients apply for treatment with documents of treatment, then action will be taken to make payments, ”he said.

Responding to those who were crying that mosquitoes were suffering from dengue fever in the wake of inadequate waste disposal and sewage sludge, he said: “Authorities have been instructed to control the mosquitoes by fogging and spraying. Mosquitoes that cause dengue fever are produced in pure water. Thus, the bindi should not be stored in drums for much of the day. Maintain cleanliness around the house. Water should be kept in pots, coconut shells, cans, ornamental plants. ”

“Out of the 198 wards of BBMP, 50 have increased the number of dengue cases. Of the 10 wards in which 100 cases have been registered, dengue has been stressed. In such wards, about 50 volunteers, including physician and dentist, visit homes and conduct larval surveys. People are becoming more aware, ”he said.

” There were 2500 cases in 2016, 7500 in 2017 and 1350 dengue cases in 2018. This time the dengue cases are awaited and necessary steps have been taken to prevent it. Larvae are being destroyed while water is stored, ”

Account Relationship Committee Structure

A committee has been set up by the state government to provide ‘A’ accounts to ‘B’ account assets in the city. The committee was constituted under my chairmanship, including the city collector, BDA commissioner, and city planning department officials. Joining the meeting next week, “A ‘Khata Khata will be taken appropriately,” he said.

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