Plan of floating jetties to handle extra boats


Because of large number of mechanized fishing boats operating from the fishing ports here and at Malpe, there have often been complex traffic jams and accidents. The government has now envisaged a plan to introduce floating jetties to handle these problems.

Accidents often happen when anchoring of mechanized boats and also when conducting fishing. Traffic jams are a regular phenomenon and unloading of fish often poses a huge problem for the boats. Both Mangaluru and Malpe ports suffer from paucity of space for constructing jetties. Therefore, the government feels that floating jetties could provide a lasting solution to the problems.

At present, 1,375 mechanized fishing boats conduct fishing at Mangaluru while Malpe has 1,742 boats. Both the places suffer from space crunch. Therefore the government wants to build two floating jetties at a cost of Rs 12.5 crore. The jetties, costing Rs 6.25 crore each, will be built on experimental basis in the form of pilot projects. Important meetings about the proposed project were held under the aegis of Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation. Two delegations, one from here and another from Udupi, are preparing to go to Goa on February 14 to check the floating jetties there. However, in Goa, these jetties are used for tourism. Based on the report of the delegation, Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation will take further action.

The jetties will take three to six month’s time to complete. They do not need concrete pillars at the bottom of the sea. The floating jetties can be installed at a spot with chains, and when needed, they can be shifted. They last 20 to 25 years, and have no side effects on environment. In some foreign countries, such floating jetties are functional.

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