Pet dog stuck in drain rescued after 4hr operation

A 10-year-old pet dog stuck in an unfinished and partially open storm water drain (SWD) at Vidyaranyapura since Wednesday afternoon was rescued early on Thursday following a four-hour operation by civil defence personnel. The canine is unhurt.
Trouble began around 2.30pm on Wednesday when Hamsa Bhargava, a resident of 9th Cross, Sainagar Phase II in Vidyaranyapura, took Minchu, her pet labrador, for a walk near her house. “She was walking by my side but when I reached home, Minchu wasn’t there. I thought she must be on the street outside as she often roams there,” recalled Bhargava.

However, Minchu was gone for hours. The Bhargava family panicked and began a frantic search for their pet, but heavy rain and gusty wind hindered their efforts. By 8pm, the entire neigbourhood came together to look for the dog.
“After 11pm, I heard a faint noise from 8th Cross behind my house. We rushed to check the SWD, which had been left open. Rain had only made matters worse. I peeped through a narrow opening in the drain cover and spotted Minchu’s eyes in the dark,” said Bhargava, who was relieved on locating her pet after nine hours of her disappearance.
The resident welfare association (RWA) called Nagenderan M, member of the Quick Response Team (QRT) of Karnataka Civil Defence, who’s also a resident of the layout. “I reached the spot along with six others from the team around 12am and realised the dog couldn’t be pulled out as the opening was narrow. We even sent a man to pull out the dog but she was scared and attacked him in defence,” narrated Nagenderan.

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