Permanent water for Malawi Reservoir: MLA


Bhimanayoka said that it is true that the sun is the only source of water for the taluk’s Malavi reservoir.
State Farmers’ Association officials in front of the town’s Hagari Anjaneyaswamy Temple on Tuesday held a rally demanding that lawmakers make clear the progress of the reservoir. A total of 19 km of work is underway to provide permanent water to the reservoir. Already large quantities of pipes have been supplied. A total of 17km of pipe joinery work has been completed. However, Minister PT Parameshwara Naikka alleged that a minister was crossing over to create an intake channel near the Raja Raja of Flowers.
The government’s attention was drawn to the first session of the legislature’s election to provide permanent water to the reservoir. As a result of the struggle, the former chief minister Siddaramaiah has provided Rs 168 crore for the project. CM Jagadish Shettar had previously read a voucher written by the then MLA at a town event. But it is a tragedy that disrupting ministerial work without the least concern is a tragedy.
A total of Rs 35 lakh has already been released for the preparation of DPR for the project of filling river water to 12 lakes in the Kottur area of ​​the field and the tender process has been completed. It is unscientific to refuse to treat crop as an advanced taluk. The Minister of Revenue has pointed out that the Takshaya plantation will be adequate for the crop. The minister has instructed the district administration to take necessary action.
State Farmers’ Union President JM Weerasangayya said the reservoir is the lifeblood of taluk farmers. Farmers should be watered to the farm by completing them quickly. He warned that a fierce fight would take place if the crop was not adequately addressed. Officers of the association Siddanagouda, Gonibasappa, Ujjainiah, Kakkuppi Basavaraja and MLK Naidu spoke. Leaders like Mabusabu, Rudramuni Swamy, Mallikarjuna, Maheshappa, Rajasab, Neel Rajasab, Lokappa, Basavarajappa and Mritunjaya were among others.

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