People violate lockdown at weekly market


The weekly market in the town that is traditionally held on every Monday with the coming together of vendors and growers from various places was held as usual on April 13 even though strict order was issued against the holding of the weekly market because of lockdown rules prevalent in the state.

Since early morning on Monday, huge crowds were witnessed at the venue of the weekly market here. Even though the police here had booked many vehicles for violating lockdown rules and fined them, the people did not seem to have learnt any lesson. Pushcarts, fruits, vegetables, dry fish, fresh fish were up for sale and the crowds of people throned to buy them.

It has been noticed that salons, fancy stores and many other businesses have started to function in the town. Most of the merchants were seen not using any sanitisers. As Campco and Agricultural Produce Market Committee yard were open, farmers made a beeline to the town and queued up before the banks for their banking transactions.

Town panchayat chief officer here, Sudhakar M S confirmed that there is no permission to hold a weekly market here. He said there is permission to sell provisions, fruits, and vegetables, adding that with police help the town panchayat will ensure that other shops will stop conducting business soon.

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