Passengers stranded at KIA Fog delayed several flights at KIA

Hundreds of commuters caught up  at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) on Thursday due to fog which affected the operations of 54 flights.

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) spokesperson said that a BlueDart cargo flight from Mumbai was diverted to Mangaluru.

Thick fog made it difficult to see the surroundings and the visibility fell to near Zero. There were 36 flights for departure and arrival of 17 flights. The standby visibility was declared at 5.52 am, usually it is issued when general visibility goes below 2,500 meters. Standby was withdrawn at 9.08 am.

Vibha Jain, one of the passengers, was supposed to take off by an IndiGo flight at 7.55 am. She was frustrated with the delay and  complained that the airline had compensated for the delay with a ‘school picnic box’.

In her tweet to the airline she said, ” “Passengers were forced to (be) seated in the plane for 3 hours. Kids were not allowed to use washroom. Passenger literally tired asking for water,”

Aniruddh Kotian, one of the passengers was also supposed to take off at flight to Mumbai. She managed to board the flight but had to sit there for 2 hours. She tweeted, ” “I have been sitting in the flight for more than hour and now get an update saying that we have to wait 30-45 min more for take off. That’s almost 2 hours of waiting in flight for take off! Ridiculous.” Frustrated travelers took to social media to complain about the delay in departures and arrivals.

In another incident on Wednesday hundreds of travelers had to stand in queues due to a system problem which made the airlines to issue handwritten boarding passes. It took almost an hour to function.

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