Part of Jayadeva Overpass cleared

Construction work on the RV-Bommasandra Metro line will be started from July 15. It has been decided to dismantle the project so that people can be bothered if the same bridge is being demolished.

At first only the loop portion of the overpass that runs from the Bannerghatta side to the Central Silk Board is demolished. Along this loop road, the lower service road will be closed from June 15. The service road adjacent to the Jayadeva underpass has already been closed for traffic and the traffic has been changed. But there is no obstruction to traffic in the underpass.

The RV Road-Bommasandra and Gottire-Nagawara interchanges will be constructed near the Jayadeva Bridge. For this the clearing of the overpass is inevitable. The underpass, which runs from Dairy Circle to Bannerghatta, will be built on a single pillar, metro and road. The overpass over the underpass, on which the RV Road-Bommasandra metro route, will be built on the Gottigere-Nagawara road.

Jayadeva Bridge has not changed any of the traffic from Banashankari to Silkboard. BMRCL and Traffic Police have suggested two alternative routes for the closure of the Loop Route of the Upper Bannerghatta-Silk Board.

This change will make millions of drivers uncomfortable. For those going to the Silkboard from Bannerghatta Road, there was a traffic loop in the highway. Being a bridge, the silkboard could be reached in a short time. You have to leave the overpass and walk down the alternate roads. Excessive traffic will be created as all vehicles are coming along the same route. Similarly, those coming from the Silk Board to Bannerghatta Road should get stuck in traffic.

18 Acquisition of assets

18 properties have been acquired for the construction of the interchange station at Jayadeva Bridge. The 820 square meter space of Jayadeva Hospital has been acquired.

Alternative routes From Bannerghatta to Silk Board

* JD Tree Junction or turn left at 9th intersection, reach East End Highway and then to Silk Board via Maranahalli main road.

From the Bannerghatta Road, turn right onto the 6th intersection and turn left at the 29th main road and turn left at 6th Main and reach the Silk Board via the Marenahalli main road.

From the Central Silk Board, Bannerghatta can be reached from the Marenahalli main road to the 29th main road.

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