Parameshwar, Siddaramaiah take action against KN Rajanna

Bangalore: DCM G Parameshwar and former CM Siddaramaiah have started the process of taking action against former legislator KN Rajanna, who has stated ‘Zero Traffic’. The former CM has given the advice of negotiating the case. However, DCM has been demanding that disciplinary action be taken against Rajanna.

Meanwhile, the KPCC has issued a notice to former Union Minister Roshan Baig against Gundu Rao and KC Venugopal in charge of state Congress. So party law should apply to everyone. Rajanna was also forced to file a show cause notice. Siddu’s counsel, who had called Raja’s residence on Thursday, said that he was in the background. The statement against Parameshwar was also withdrawn. The present minister, Venkataramappa, had told former MP Muddha Maneo Gowda that the Tumkur district politics would be compensated.

DCAngke dissatisfied?

He has been in talks with DCM Parameshwar at his residence. Rajanna is cynical. The DMM proposed that the dispute should not be raised anymore. Paramashvar, who did not agree with Sitaram, said, “Rajanna talked to Bai. How can this be tolerated? Roshan Beg has issued a notice as against you. Rajanna is attacking me against me. Who is behind it, who has expressed dissatisfaction. “Doctor should join the party altogether. Get along, ” he said. The DCM, who has been left untouched, said, “The Dalit community Kharge knows that there is some technique behind the Muniyappa defeat. Now I have been targeted by Target, “he said.

Rajanna is a bit bitter

Rajanna, who met Dinesh Gundoorao on Friday, had written a letter to the DMK saying that he had gone to KPCC office as Siddaramaiah’s notice. “I was also hurt by the words used when describing the outrage expressed by the public for the Zero Traffic in Tumkur district. I and Parameshwar have been friends for 52 years and have been fighting many times, but then we are one. Rajanna is a clarification that “all the bitter things of the party are forgotten and everyone will be one party.”

Speaking to reporters, KPCC President Dinesh Gundurao said, “Rajanna was called by Siddaramaiah to talk to him. They have been told that the statement against DCM was not correct. The DCM will be aware of this as they regret it. Chaluvaraswamy, who has spoken about Mandya, will be summoned and talked, “he said.

Goud lost?

Did Deva Gowda ever lose after handmade leaders have done all this? Although the leaders agree to the allies, the activists will not be united. Rajanna said that they would be strangled.

“Activists agreed if they were 5 months before. This time, Khurje, Muniyappa also lost. Modi is in the country. Deva Gowda descended from the sky? He had been lost earlier this time. Indira Gandhi was also defeated, “he said.

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