Padmavati’s tremendous pageants is under dubbing process


Padmavati’s tremendous pageants under the D&D Film Production banner have just finished filming a children’s film and the dubbing has begun.

Senior actor Shashikumara, who came to the Narasapur hilly region of Kolar to offer funds for the children, said, “I have been incarnated for ages to protect innocents.

The shooting of the film has ended with the action scenes of villains Balaram Panchal, Kolarbalu, Nidavalli Ravarna, Guru Prasanna and others. Narasapura Nagaraja, Ashwath Reddy, Kolar Manjula, Suguna, Srikantha, Sneebhagata, Rangapat, Hanumana, Rangarajat, Hanumana, Rupa, Rahmani, Shanthakatma, Rasheed Over 50 school children participated in the event.

Fifty children from a government school in Banahalli take a bus to school on their way to school. No matter how hard you try, the bus will not be repaired.

Cows are taken to a nearby ashram. But there are five children accidentally missing in the ashram. The story is about the difficulty of the teachers who go where the children went, and how the children who escape the hands of the treasurer escape. For the moment, the film is a children’s adventure film, with all the artists collaborating and shooting well. Director Rajiva Krishna said the dubbing has now commenced and the movie will be released nationwide as soon as the theaters open.

The technical category includes Vinu Manasu Music, Suresh Blanket Literature, Promo Indian Photography, Satheesh Chandraiah Compilation, Sunil Kumara Production Management, Publicity Dr Prabhu Ganjiha, Dr. Veera Handaghi, Story-Screenplay-Dialogue-Dance-Adventure and Directed by Rajivakrishna.

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