Packets of expired food products thrown into lakes

A stroll around the Sheelavantana lake, in Whitefield, last week by a resident led to a shocking discovery, of packets full of expired food products, manufactured by a particular brand, being emptied into the lake. The resident then took to Facebook and posted a message in the Whitefield Rising community group to voice her concern.

The post said, “We saw these huge number of gunny sacks lying on the walking path all the way up to the lake and being transported on a coracle. On investigating, I realised they were filled with dosa batter brand iD’s waste material.” Upon inquiring, the resident realised that the spoilt/expired food was being passed off as fish food. “They are feeding the lake fish with maida and touting it as a noble act by calling it fish food,” the poster said, furiously adding that the company can distribute food to the needy rather than wasting it.

The lake, which is spread over 19 acres and 32 guntas, has been facing this issue for the past two years, according to another resident. “Every morning, 3-4 auto-tippers carrying waste materials of various companies were throwing them in the lake. The BBMP must fine big companies for not having a waste management system,” said Anju Dinesh, an IT professional.

Residents took to several social media platforms demanding answers from the company CEO P C Musthafa. He finally responded on Monday to residents’ enquiries and said that he was shocked to find out what was happening to the company’s’ products. In a long post explaining the action taken, Musthafa said that the company had cleaned up the area immediately after the incident was brought to our notice. “We cancelled the contract with our current vendor,” he said. Heggade SN, BBMP ACF (lakes) said, “Action will be taken against companies dumping waste into the lakes.”

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