Out of 2500 hectares, only 47 hectares plowed

Farmers of the Devanahalli taluk, which suffered from a shortage of rainfall last year, had expected better rainfall this time. But in the backdrop of the scarcity of rain, this time the crop is worried.
Recently, a couple of rains caused the farmers to plow their land and plow. Of the total 2500 hectares of cultivated land currently sown, only 47 hectares are sown by farmers. If it does not rain by July 15, this time the monsoon crop will be completely destroyed.

Crop Sowing Goal:

A total of 40 hectares of paddy, 1920 hectares, 165 hectares of corn and 120 hectares of crops are targeted during monsoon season. But so far only 2 hectares of paddy, 10 acres of maize, 25 hectares of maize and 10 hectares of crops have been sown. Many hobby lakes and wells are without water and the farmers are waiting for rain as a horoscope.

Fodder availability: At present hobby cattle fodder is available for about 8 weeks and if it does not rain, the fodder will be met. Adequate forage is being distributed by livestock department officials who have responded to Wicka, nowhere bothered. The fodder will be distributed by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Revenue, with the availability of forage.

Insurance facility: Farmers do not have to face drought. Failure to sow more than 75 per cent of the field under the Union and State Government’s Prime Minister Fazal Insurance Scheme will result in a maximum compensation of 25 per cent of the sum assured. . For farmers to get insurance facility, those 14 will be the last date. 304 / acre can be availed by paying an insurance premium of Rs.

Sowing Time: By the end of July, sowing can be done as MR1 ​​and MR2. A short-term crop of ML365 can be sown after July 15, an Agriculture Department official said.

Sowing seed is available to farmers at the Farmer Contact Center, which already has a supply of 8 quintals of MR-1, 2 quintals of MR-6, 100 kg of hybrid maize. There are still 1 Quintal MR1, 2 Quintal MR6, 6 Kintal ML365, 4 Quintal Paddy IR64 and 410 kg of hybrid maize. If the rains came in time, the farmers could work in the plowed fields.

– Manila
 Kundana Hobili Agriculture Officer

The one-and-a-half-acre farm has been plowed with rain once. Asha is there because there is air. If the wind gets low, plow another time, and then sow. Rain has been declining since 2 years. Farmers are reluctant to sow as there is no rain. There is no information on the distribution of forage and sowing seed at the Farmer Contact Center, where forage is being transported to other areas. Lack of irrigation is a huge problem.

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