Order to investigate illegal ACB in waste disposal

The state government has directed the case to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate the illegality of waste disposal in the BBMP area under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

385 crore a year before 2016 for waste disposal work generated under the policy. Costs were being made. The cost of garbage disposal has risen to Rs 1166 crore after the cancellation of the lease, which has been increased by Rs. There has been illegal. 550 crores in the name of the salary of 6600 civilian workers. 384 crores in the name of ESI and PF. BJP spokesperson NR Ramesh had filed a complaint with the Bangalore city district for taking action against fraudulent contractors and officials.

The report was submitted by the Urban Development Department vigilante officials who are investigating the complaint. Based on this report, the jury asked the ACB to investigate the case. Order issued on the 19th. The Commissioner of Policy, 2016, has sought to order a CID probe against the officers involved in the illegal activities. He had written to the government on the 5th. The case was filed in the 2017 AU. The ACB has been tasked with investigating 19.

The complaint lodged by BJP’s NR Ramesh is also related to waste disposal.

“There is an increase of 265 per cent in the amount of money being paid to contractors and 365 per cent in waste disposal costs. 83.41 crore per annum for civilian workers, officers’ salaries, 48 ​​compactors and other vehicles. Being spent. The documents provided by the contractors show that 31 thousand contracted civilian workers, 872 compactors and 2794 auto tippers were used for garbage disposal. When the Safai Karmichary Commission examined the PF and ESI records of civilian workers, it was found that 16,000 workers were working. Fake documents have been created in the name of the remaining 15 thousand workers. NR Ramesh had filed a complaint against Siddaramaiah, KJ George, officials of the solid waste management division, 48 contractors and the head of the Green Legion firm, Ragini Jain.

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