Oops! Balayya’s Heroine Complains Again

Time and again, few heroines complain about their dissatisfaction with particular happenings. Among such hotties, we have to talk about Radhika Apte, who always quoted hard stuff about Telugu Film Industry rather indirectly.

Other day when Radhika Apte attended at awards event in Mumbai, a media house has caught her talking on the sidelines of it. When asked about sexism in film industry and how it is down South, she made some sensational comments.

“I can’t just generalise every industry down South as I’ve barely done three films there. While working on Kabali is most fruitful, other two films have shown me stars. Though the hero comes to set only at 9’0 clock, I’m made to come two hours prior. We don’t see such discrepancies here”, she commented. Other than Kabali, she has acted in Balayya’s Legend and Lion only, so we understand what is she complaining about.

Well, during the good olden times, whether in Bollywood or Tollywood, the shoot used to start at 6 am daily and will be called off at 6 pm only. And now, these celebrities are worried about the timings and commitments, and gender gaps too.

Going by Radhika’s words, one feels if her problem is about coming to set by 7’o clock or coming two hours early than the hero? Why such ego Radhika?? When the shoot needs him, Balayya worked from 6 am to 11 pm on GautamiputraSatakarni sets. So, it depends on what is being shot, but not who is hero and who’s heroine

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