One must be wise not to live life in another’s right


Sri Siddheshwar Swamiji of the Enlightenment Center said that only a person who has abandoned the hubbub-inner and outspoken pride can be perfect.

He was greeted at the centenary celebration of the scriptures by the Sri Sivaputra Swamyas of Sri Siddhartha Mutt, which was organized by Sri Shantashrama in Abhinav City.

It is possible. Aurora means the ascent of a normal layer. He said perfection is necessary to achieve higher than zero.

Knowledge of mine will take away my pride. The mind is calm with knowledge. There is great wisdom in the texts authored by Sri Shivaputra Swamiji. The meaning of life lies in every word. Abhinava is a favorite of Swamiji gurus. He said that those who love the Guru are the greatest.

Speak to Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Shivaputra Swamiji, the vision of Mahatma is vast. One must be wise not to live life in another’s right. It is possible to live a higher life with knowledge.

Shri Madara Channayya Swamiji, the Jagadguru of Chitradurga who gave the blessing, cannot imagine India without spirituality. There are several countries of the same religion. But India is the only country with many religions. Thousands of caste, tribes, cultures and cultures are living in the belief that they are all Indian. Everyone should set aside some time for spirituality in their daily lives. He said that we have a healthy society like ours.

Deputy Chief Minister Laxman Sawadi, who was a guest, said, “The glory of Sri Siddhartha is immense. Man can be born only if he attains grace.

Sri Abhinava Siddhartha Swamiji, Dr. Shivananda Bharathi Swamiji, Shri Dr. Shivakumar Swamiji, Gadag Shri Shivananda Swamiji, Kobala Sri Abhinava Gavisidheshwara Swamiji and many other monasteries were present.

Prior to this, a procession of texts on the elephant ambari from the Kailasa Mandapam of the Siddhartha Mutt to the Shanthramam was held with all the instrumental splendor.

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