No water on 21st, 22nd

The city will not be able to supply water to the city on June 21 and 22, as water pressure pumps and power lines will be installed at the pumps.

Two-day pumping stations are being shut down due to the installation of water pressure reduction and power supply equipment at Thorakkadanahalli, Harohalli and Grandparent Pumping Centers. This makes it impossible to supply water to the entire city.

Water demand in the city is high this year. Thus 1,453 million liters of water is being supplied every day. Water is supplied to the area three to four days a week. Areas close to the outskirts are supplied with water one or two days a week. In some places water is being supplied at low pressure. The problem is compounded by the fact that water is available for only a couple of hours. Amidst all these problems, the water supply is being reduced.

The water board is supplying water as scheduled. If water is supplied to one place one day, the next day is given to a different place. Most areas of the city are coming up with a two-day water supply schedule. Thus water will be a problem for most of the city.

There is no alternative Tanker system is provided if the Cauvery water does not come into the area. But now the work of the pumping stations will be stopped. Thus, tankers have no water to fill. So it is best for the public to collect and use water for two days. Once the water supply starts, there is no additional water to compensate for the shortfall.

What is it?

This is the pump pressure water pump. The first phase of the project was completed a few months back. The pending work has now been taken up. There will be a 6 hour workshop from the Water Board. In addition, the 220 kW metering equipment will be replaced by KPTCL for 12 hours.

Damage to the pumps will be avoided by the water pressure reduction works. When the power supply is switched off, the running water in the pipe moves back faster. If the water does not slow down, the pipe will break and the water will run out and damage the pump. To reduce the speed of water, a pressure reduction device is already installed between the pipes. A pending work is carried out.

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