No new trains, no new project, no tourist destinations: Reality of budget


No new trains, no new project, no tourist destinations … This is the reality of the central government’s budget this time.
In the second budget of the Modi government, which the people of the Mullugade district were expecting heavily, the district had nothing to do with it. 50 lakh crores to the Railway Department The budget does not detail the opening of new trains and the modernization of stations, except that funding is provided.

No proposal

There was a demand to change the route of the Nizamuddin train from the district central Bagalkot to New Delhi. The train was supposed to start at the well-known pilgrimage site, Tirupati, with the goal of starting a separate fast passenger train to Golgumbaz to Bangalore. Bagalkot and Badami railway stations are on the list of ideal stations but have not developed. The expectation in the budget for the modernization of these stations is false. As there is no mention of development of tourist destinations, it is not possible to expect new assistance from the central government at district sites.

Only hope The minister assured that the ongoing railway lines would be completed quickly. There has been a hint that the work on the Kudachi-Bagalkot railway line in the district may be speeding up. Apart from this, people who are waiting for railway facilities have seen the train on paper. There is no announcement of new railway traffic, though the adjoining minister of the neighboring Belgaum district, Suresh Bhola, is a railway account minister. According to MP Gadigowarda, the minister will soon convene a shop and get information on the start of new trains. But the question is whether the undeclared trains will run later in the budget.

It is hoped that the supply of sugar will be increased under the public distribution system. There is no explanation for this in the current Budget. Sugarcane growers are expected to get higher rates if the demand for sugar increases. There is no proposal in the budget as the state government has not proposed to declare the Krishna Overpass project as a national project.

In this budget, the demand for tourism, horticulture and railway development has been limited to the Bagalkot sector. Next I will try to develop the cooperation of the Minister.

The Bagalkot area has a number of powerful historical tourism sites like Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Kudalasangama. The demand for strengthening their network and providing more of the infrastructure was sought to be included in this budget. There is no budget earmarked for this kind in the budget. But I have already spoken with the Minister of Tourism. If I come to the field and get the demand list there and promise to develop it on priority. I’ll do this.
It was requested to speed up the opening of new trains for the district, the Gadag-Hutagi Dublin route. Money has been earmarked for the department, though it has not been announced in the budget. Railway Account Assistant Minister Suresh Storey will launch a 100-day program on railway facilities. The Railway Department in Bagalkot district will hold a meeting in Bagalkot for facilities. The Minister will be briefed on the facilities to be provided to passengers, including the opening of new trains, modernization of stations. I am committed to provide all facilities to the district by the Railway Department. Minister Suresh Storey will hold a meeting in Bagalkot shortly.
In the meantime, it has been asked for a package or package of assistance under various schemes to advance the horticulture sector. As this is also a priority, grants will be available under various schemes.

The budget masses presented by Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is the hope of the middle class.

The Jet is presented in the hope of prosperity for all, for the development of the country. All have been facilitated without raising taxes. The government has taken steps to improve the education sector through the National Education Policy. The central government hopes to provide maximum speed internet in every village for digital literacy. The project will help the rural areas of the country to have digital awareness. Roads in rural areas will be improved by earmarking Rs 80,000 crore for the Prime Minister’s Gram Sadak project. The government has promoted zero capital agriculture and a decision has been taken to establish 10 thousand farmers’ guilds. The interest of the middle class is protected without raising taxes on payroll. It is hopeful that home loan holders have been notified of increasing income tax exemption claims. Reducing the value of artificial kidneys reduces the financial burden for those suffering from kidney problems. Tax exemption to increase the use of electric vehicles will increase alternative fuel consumption. The central government has set up a plan to provide every person with the means. Gas cylinder and sanitary toiletries are being encouraged to help women. The overall budget is pro-people, middle-class and pro-poor.

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