No grant for Khoti Cultural Institutions’

The government should recognize the elderly who have worked in the theater and should be paid a higher pension. But senior artist HG Somashekhar Rao, who presided over the 14th Bangalore City Zilla Kannada Literary Conference, suggested that grants should be cut in the name of fake cultural institutions.

He was speaking on the occasion of the two-day 14th District Kannada Literary Conference organized by Bangalore City Zilla Kannada Sahitya Samithi at the Hiranyaiah Mahavidya Kendra in the city’s Ravindra Kalakshetra.

“There is no benefit to granting counterfeit institutions. Many people today enjoy the privilege of wearing a culture mask. Such intermediaries and magistrates should be punished for their corruption. Artists working in theater should be encouraged. The government should go ahead with the loans they need from the banks, ”he said.

” The theater has grown through seven years. Many theatergoers selflessly devote their lives to theater. Yet theater is not spread across the state. The government should, therefore, build small and small theaters in all the villages in the state. Create a zone that is relevant to the area and hire theater experts and encourage them to play. Slow social change is possible, ” he said.

Retired Justice AJ Sadashiva, Rajya Sabha Member GC Chandrashekhar, Bangalore City Kannada Sahitya Sabha Chairperson Mayanna RT Rama was in attendance.

The CM marched from JC Rusty towards Ravindra Kalakshetra after descending from the car. The CM, who was on the same route, stopped the car and came down and spoke to those in the procession. The procession of the literary conference began after the masquerading of the Bhuvaneshwari statue near the Basavanagudi National College Metro Station. Ravindra Kalakshetra’s Shri Master Hiranyalaya made a grand impression with the carriage of the President of the Conference, the silent images depicting women, folk art and the culture of the country.

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