No buyers of rain water collected on the metro route

More than 10 lakh liters of rain water is recharged every year in the tanks and inlet pits built on the bottom of the elevated path of ‘Our Metro’. 3000 liters of water is collected in each tank. But even BMRCL has tried to sell the water.

The first phase of the project is 42. km. 33 km along the long Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli and Mysore Road-Baiyappanahalli route. There is a rain water harvesting system in the range. Rain water falling on the path flows through a pipe installed between the pillar and joins the ground. The tank and the inlet are built around 28 meters along the route. Each tank has a capacity of 3 thousand liters. If the rain water from the funnel is first added to the tank, then the excess will go into the pit. Over 10 lakh liters of water is added to the earth every year.

The water fills up on the route when it rains. Harvesting is also possible to let this water out. The nozzle was inserted into the center of the pole so that its tip dropped directly into the ground. Water from the upper end of the funnel goes into the inguinal pits.

No demand for water:

Tanks are built in the divider on all sides of the route. It also includes a gravel and sand filter. This allows rain water to be processed into the tank. BMRCL had planned to supply this water for industrial use some years back. But no one came forward to buy water.

The application was invited in 2012 to buy and sell water in the tanks built along the MG Road-Baiyappanahalli route. But no one has ever come forward to use this water.

The second stage is 72 km. The longest route is 58 km. Officials said the tanks and tanks were being built under the same length.

Tank – 3 thousand liters capacity

Rain water leakage

Some areas of the road are not properly cracked and rain water is leaking into the road. This problem is present in many places including Deepanjali city station.

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