Never consumed beef or buffalo meat, clarifies former CM Siddaramaiah


Former CM Siddaramaiah has said that he has never consumed beef or buffalo meat, while making it clear that he is against any kind of ban on the food culture of the people.

Speaking at an event in Kadur and later through a series of tweets, he stated that he is trying to expose the BJP’s fake concern towards cows.

” I have neither eaten beef nor will i ever eat beef in future, but I will always fight for the cause of the fundamental rights of the people,” he said

“I said if I want to eat beef, I will eat it, Who is BJP to stop me? But BJP and JDS are creating a controversy out of it,” he said.

On Hanuma Jayanti day controversy, he stated that his question was natural whether any one knows the date of birth of Hanuma.

“As I am from a village, my language is rough. People are mistaking it,” he lamented.

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