Netizens show rage on social media to ban TikTok

#BanTikTok is gaining pace on social media platforms after users have started highlighting problematic videos on the popular app. The content on the platform has worried both parents and users.
The platform was in the eye of a storm recently after a video glorifying acid attack went viral. The video was created by a popular TikTok ‘star’ based in Mumbai. The National Commission for Women has asked TikTok India to remove it and Maharashtra police to act against the maker of the video.

The app’s rating has crashed from 4.5 stars on May 16 to 1.3 stars on May 20. Bengalureans have taken to Twitter to express their disgust over TikTok videos promoting domestic violence, cruelty towards animals, racism and other issues.
Neelam Solanki, mother of a 14-year-old, said TikTok is proving to be a new kind of peer pressure. “I was okay with some harmless challenges earlier, but the perverted content on the platform is giving me sleepless nights,” she said.
Subhash Kumar, a businessman, said he realised the gravity of the situation after stumbling upon a TikTok video shared on WhatsApp. “I don’t have the app, but I have seen my kid and his friends making videos. The TikTok video which was shared on WhatsApp made me force my child to delete the app,” he said.
Deepak Kumar, a Twitter user said: “Why doesn’t India TikTok review the content on their platform? Animal abuse, child abuse, vulgarity, objectifying women, (even things that are illegal as per the law), are being promoted and in fact, being glorified there.”
TikTok’ s take
“Over the last few days, we have acted on several pieces of content that violated our policies. We have taken action including taking down content, suspending the accounts of concerned users and are working with law enforcement agencies, as appropriate,” a TikTok India clarification issued on Tuesday said.

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