Nepotism never bothered me because I kept working hard: Jacqueline

For all those who experience the world of glitz and glamour from their television screens and are in constant awe of the razzmatazz it’s filled with, Kick actor Jacqueline Fernandez has some harsh truths and bitter pills. She speaks about the world of films being the most beautiful fraud in the world, and how nepotism has never bothered her.

She said, “I realised something about the industry that it is the most beautiful fraud in the world. I have been here for ten years and I have come here from nowhere. What we do is not real. As actors, whatever we do is always a show. And it is a skill to be able to do that.”

She added, “One thing that I learnt is be the best talent you can be, be the most hard working person, but at the same time the industry requires you to also be a people’s person. It’s very important to be a people’s person in this industry. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is about how you communicate and how well you get along with people. Making a film is not about one person, hundreds of people are involved. It’s team work.”

She then revealed why nepotism and its prevalence in Bollywood never bothered her. This is what she had to say, “The reason why nepotism didn’t bother me because I was still getting work. May be not the kind of work that I wanted to do, but the work I needed. I was still getting my fair share of work. I didn’t see it affecting me very much.”

Then talking about favouritism and how it has irked her, Fernandez stated, “They have a really tough casting board. Everybody needs to go through auditions, they need to prove themselves. In Bollywood, I don’t know if there’s a rigid casting system. It may be there for secondary actors. But when someone wants to make a film with their people, I don’t think we can do anything about it.”

The actress has been a part of the industry for the last 11 years and has acted in films like Aladin, Housefull 2, Murder 2, Housefull 3, Race 2, Race 3, A Gentleman, Kick, Brothers, Drive, and Mrs. Serial Killer!

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