Need to prevent AIDS with awareness and precautions: Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar


Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar said that AIDS must be prevented from spreading by taking precautions and raising awareness programmes.

Speaking at a programme held to observe AIDS day at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) today, he said the theme of 2020 is ‘Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact.’ We must come together to fight this with unity and resilience, he added. When Covid19 outbreak came to light, the foremost message to fight against the virus and not against the people. It applies to all diseases, said the Minister. HIV and AIDS patients must not be subjected to stigma, he said.

He said that AIDS-related deaths have considerably reduced over the years due to health care facilities. Due to HIV health care, even 99-year-old patients are living a healthy life. This has been made possible with free medical facilities through Ayushman Bharat-Arogya Karnataka by PM Narendra Modi, the Minister said.

In Karnataka, 280 HIV-infected people had contracted Covid19, informed the Minister. However, Contrary to the earlier fear that the lives of HIV affected might be in danger if they are infected by Covid19, 275 out of 280 people are alive and their health is in stable condition. Elaborating on health care facilities offered to HIV patients, he said that health centres have been instructed to provide free medicines up to Rs 5 lakhs annually. This applies to patients with APL and BPL cards, he explained.

Other points:

—Approval is given to Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre to conduct trials for Covid19 vaccine. The vaccine is expected to be ready soon.

—Healthcare workers and police personnel will be vaccinated on priority. The general public with other co-morbidities will be given the vaccine.

—The vaccine will be distributed to every corner of the state. There will not be any flaw or delay in the process.

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