Nayantara’s innocence or arrogance?

From a long time, heroine Nayantara is facing this issue of not promoting her own movies. Rarely she gives some interviews to promote films like in the case of Sekhar Kammula’s Anamika. Apparently she is of the view that a film’s success depends on the merit of its content but not on the intensity of promotions. Those who heard Nayantara saying this have started expressing doubt if this is her arrogance or innocence?

Actually Nayan is of the feeling that ‘content’ will do its job, but frankly speaking, a film should be taken into people to create enough buzz such that walk-ins to theatres will be huge. If content is good, then by the time word of mouth does the needed publicity, the film will be out of theatres. If celebrities promote the film well, then from opening day itself there will be huge crowds. And if content proves its capability, the film will become huge hit. Maybe we have to say that Nayantara is talking out of innocence but not arrogance.

Because she’s the kind of heroine who has even decided to forgo her balance payment from producers and sometimes she has done films for half her market price. Probably she should understand the business economics of a movie well, rather sticking to this no-promotion rule.

Cut to films and glory, Nayantara recently got crowned as Most Desirable Women in Chennai for the second time in a row. Also her latest film “Dora” is up for release soon.

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