Mysuru City police to ensure faster response time for patrol vehicles


Mysuru: City Police Commissioner A Subramanyeshwara Rao said Mysuru City Police will be working towards bringing down the response time of its patrol vehicle Garuda to 7-8 minutes after dialling 100.

Speaking at programme organised to flag off the 25 new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga vehicles, which were added to the existing fleet of Garuda and mobile Police Control Room (PCR) vehicles, Mysuru City Police Commissioner A. Subramanyeshwara Rao said he will work towards ensuring a faster response time for the patrol vehicles in Mysuru than international standards.

While the geographic area under the jurisdiction of Mysuru City Police is 80 sq. km, each of the 40 police patrol vehicles at the disposal of the City police will be given an area of responsibility spread across 2 sq. km. Though the travel time from one location to another in the 2 sq. km area will not be more than five minutes, the cycle starting from the control room personnel receiving the call dialled to 100, identifying the patrol vehicle nearest to the caller and communicating the same should not take more than 2 to 3 minutes. Hence, the police was setting a goal of bringing down the response time to 7-8 minutes.

The international standards on response time for patrol vehicles is 10 minutes. The average response time for 911, the emergency number in the U.S., is 10 minutes while the fastest is nine minutes. “In Mysuru, we can do it in 7-8 minutes. That is our goal”, Rao said. However, the City Police will need around three to six months’ time to achieve the goal, which requires training of the personnel, clocking the time and removing the obstacles.

Rao said the City Police was facing a shortage of drivers for patrol vehicles. But, it will rope in around 100 to 120 drivers from the Home Guards after obtaining government permission and provide them training.

Before the addition of the 25 new patrol vehicles, the City police had a total of 32 patrol vehicles including Garuda and mobile Police Control Rooms (PCR) at the rate of one Garuda for each of the 16 law and order police station and one mobile PCR vehicle for every two police stations.

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