Monsoon hidden in floating clouds

The taluk has suffered three consecutive years of drought. Now half of June is over and there are no more rainfall. The sun was blowing all day, and the cold wind was blowing in the evening. There are some clouds scattered in the sky but the clouds are not visible enough to rain. So the farmer, who is constantly facing the sky, is waiting for Varuna’s grace. In the past week, there was no rain to tear up the land until now, except in some parts of the hilly terrain. Once Rohini sowed the rain, there was an onion full of corn. Now Rohini is going and the beast is raining. But not a single drop of rain fell. How about the same? The worries of farmers are haunting. Short term crops such as name, sesame, pumpkin, sambar, hybrid corn were sown and the dirt in the morning was cleared. As well as long-term maize, The land was also completed for sowing other crops, including onion, pepper and tomatoes. But the lack of rain has caused the land to be inundated. The land is under siege without growing much. The big ducks who have plowed their summer day plow in the fields without rain have not melted. Farmers are concerned that the land should be harvested from now on.

Empty: The previous year also had rains and the livestock fodder was disturbed. But sowing with premature rainfall has kept cattle from the little remaining forage. Livestock are not receiving drinking water anywhere, including in the fields, fields, forests. With the current year’s monsoon likely to fade, there is fears that the condition of livestock will worsen.

Goal: If the rainfall is good within a specified period of 53,961 ha in the taluk. It was aimed at sowing in the area. However, due to lack of rainfall, no sowing has ever begun except for irrigation. Monsoon is likely to be complete. If it rains very soon, it is inevitable that farmers will resort to a single cropping system.

Preparation: The Department of Agriculture has made arrangements to distribute fertilizer seed and fertilizer in case of rainfall at any time. Already opening up temporary sales centers in Hiramahadali or Flower Flowers, along with the farmers’ communications centers, Golgonda, Hiremallankara and Gululu villages. Thereby, action has been taken to dispose of sowing seeds to farmers.

Storage: Maize is 120 tonnes in the current year, hybrid corn 56 kms, paddy 40 quintal, Ragi 15, mold 24, tangerine 360, name 30, sunflower 32 crystal seed seeds are stocked. This includes the sale of seeds at a discount of 50 per cent to ordinary farmers, 50 per cent and 75 per cent.

Farmers in Sugarcane Farmers should be required to pay the caste and Aadhaar card, bank pass book and PJ, tribal farmers caste and income certificates.

A team of 7 people has been formed for the detection of fake sowing seed vendors. In addition, the vigilance force is functioning at the district level. Therefore, fake sellers should not sell certified sowing seed for any reason. Agriculture Department officials have also requested farmers not to buy sowing seeds from private individuals.

Rainfall: The current line will be at least 74mm by the end of May. The rain had to pour. However, 25% of the rain has fallen, with 66% of the rainfall deficient. This means there is no moisture anywhere on the earth. So sowing is a complete delay. Recently the weather report is also falsifying. The weather experts who said the monsoon is about to begin in the first week of June have also lost farmers’ confidence.

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