Monsoon deficit, sowing only 23%

East Monsoon and Monsoon Rainfall, the sowing in the district has fallen sharply.

Only 23 per cent sown in the district and the remaining 77 per cent sown. Farmers have saved the farmland from being sown by the rains, which are due to fall in June.

According to Agriculture Department officials, the actual rainfall is 296 mm for the month of July 2019 and 316 mm for the actual rainfall. By the end of July 2019, about 13 per cent of the 13940 hectares are sown with millet, maize, turmeric, lamb, clover and other crops. In the last row, 33 per cent sown, 17867 hectares sown. The district usually has 80% sown area from August to the first week of September. The total sown seed requirement in all the farmer contact centers in the district is 58.7 quintals, millets 981.35cm, maize 679.8cm, cottonseed 22.8cm. Will be available.

Sowing of taluks in the district: Devanahalli Paddy 67 ha. Valiyaballapur 34 ha, Hoskote 433 ha. Sowing was aimed at but the achievement was zero. Ground floor 71 ha. The goal was set. But 6H is the only achievement. In the district as a whole the progress of July 30 was 148 ha. Paddy sowing is the only area. Millet 10178 ha. If sown, mashed corn is 5130 ha, whole grains 10 h, maize 533 h, popcorn 172 ha.

Legumes, namely, bean, beans, avocados, and crops are sown at 23 per cent. Oilseed crops are sown in only 23% of the 234 hectares. Sugarcane is zero in the district, with the average sowing of all crops currently at 23 per cent in 2019.
Under the Kisan Samman Scheme of the Prime Minister of the Government of India, eligible farmers from any part of the state of Karnataka are receiving certification at the Agriculture, Horticulture, Revenue, Grama Panchayat offices and general service centers to ensure beneficiaries’ authentication and record information management.
Citizenship holders have the opportunity to submit their Aadhaar number, name, mobile number address and submit their self-proclamation deed. You can register yourself by submitting an autocomplete letter based on the OTP that comes with the authenticated mobile number. For more information contact the helpline number: 080-22074132.
Karnataka Farmer Protective Prime Minister Fazal Insurance Plan, an ambitious plan of the Central Government, is to announce monsoon crops such as ragi (rainfall and irrigation), paddy (irrigation), maize (rain fed and irrigated), tomato (rain fed) and irrigated. Farmers who grow crops (rain-fed), groundnut and tomato crops can participate in this project – Rajalakshi Agriculture (Technical) Officer, Directorate of Joint Agriculture
Alternative Crop Scheme has been formulated. Sowing seed cultivars can be obtained at the Farmer Contact Center. Farmers who do not have crop loans can register under the Fasal Insurance Scheme as it is the last day. Farmers have the option of registering a large number of installments at banks in their jurisdiction. Farmers can take advantage of this – Vinuta , Deputy Director, Department of Agriculture

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