M’luru inaugurates New Centre for Newborn Hearing Screening


On Friday, July 5 at Lady Goschen Hospital, Mangaluru, the District Early Intervention Center (DEIC), Wenlock, team opened the Newborn Hearing Screening Center. In the presence of Medical Superintendent Dr. Savitha, DEIC Nodal officer, Dr. U V Shenoy and his team and the employees of Lady Goschen Hospital, Mangaluru, the ribbon was cut by District Reproductive and Child Health Officer Dr. Rajesh B V.

Newborn hearing screening test enables with OAE (OtoAcoustic Emissions) testing to recognize children with continuous hearing loss as soon as possible. The OAE test is used to determine how well the inner ear or cochlea is working. It measures emissions of otoacoustics, or OAEs. These are sounds that the inner ear gives off when it responds to a sound. In the inner ear there are hair cells that vibrate to the sound. The vibration generates a very silent noise echoing back into the middle ear. This noise is measured by the OAE. This implies that from the outset parents can get the assistance and guidance they need.

After 24 hours of birth, the hearing screening at this center will take place any time until he / she leaves the hospital. The objective of this center is to provide these children with the earliest time-consuming, non-invasive and free testing so that these infants can have a better opportunity of developing language, expression and communication abilities. It will also assist them from an early age to create the most of their family or caregivers interactions.

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