Metro extend until midnight

Passengers who rely heavily on ‘Our Metro’, which has grown to be a major transport in the city, have demanded that the service period be extended by 12 midnight or 1am. Industry organizations and NGOs have contributed to this.

Metro service is available from 5 am to 11:30 pm. The service will begin at 8am on Sunday. The service was launched from 7 am to meet the demand of passengers and Sunday workers. Similarly, there is a demand for thousands of people to extend their service every day from half an hour to 12 midnight or 1am.

Night laborers, weekly locals, nightlife enthusiasts and those attending a nighttime cultural program have demanded that the Metro service be extended to 12 pm. When there is a cricket match at Chinnaswamy Stadium and on New Year’s Day, the metro period is extended to 12 or 1 hour. If done in a similar manner, the corporation will be more profitable to the traveler as well.

Benefit for workers

If the metro operation is held till 12 pm, it will benefit the workers of Rajajinagar, Peenya, Dasarahalli and Whitefield factories. In Rajajinagar and Peenya, women workers work between 10.30 and 11 pm. Such poor workers can use the metro. Otherwise, the nightlife auto rickshaw, the cab, the more money, the organizations think.

“For women working in the second and third quarters, the metro is more convenient if it is midnight. But the right security must be found in the metro. Those who come from far away can go to Majestic on the metro and take a bus to reach the house. This will save time and money, ”insists Jyoti Balakrishna, former president of the Karnataka Women’s Entrepreneurs Association-Awake.

Convenience when it rains

When it rains in Bangalore, the roads become submerged and traffic jams. If the trees fall down, the road becomes bundled. Metro rail will be more useful during this time. Usually if the rain falls at night, the disaster is greater. Traffic jams make it difficult for people to get home at this time. If the same metro train is available, it can easily reach the destination. Civil unions say that extending the period until midnight will benefit people.

Have a train for 15 minutes

Metro trains travel every 5 to 8 minutes during peak hours. Due to the lack of people at night, a 15 minute train ride will not burden BMRCL. Travelers are urging the BMRCL to take a quick decision on this. Let it be practically extended for three months. Citizen for Bangalore has advised that the next decision should be taken to look at how people respond.

Time of departure at night

Byyappanahalli – 11

Mysore Road – 11.05

Nagasandra – 10.50

Yelachenaahalli – 11

Majestic – 11.25

Metro traffic should be extended to midnight 12 or 1am. Nightlife and Nightlife Enjoyers are in the city. As the IT and BT sector has grown, so have the workforce. Everyone will benefit from the extension of time – BS Vinay.

Metro may extend working hours for employees working till 11 pm The late-night Majestic only gets the BMTC bus. Majestic may need metro, though – Raju, President, Kasia

Public transport should always be of assistance to the public. Metro time should be extended if those who work overnight are utilized – Katyayani Chamaraj, Executive Trustee, Civic

In the city where the stores are open late into the night, there should be more transportation. Metro is available in the city for 24 hrs – RK Mishra, Transportation Specialist, B-Pack.

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