Melligeri Smart Government School

Government schools are a model of mudhole taluk meleegiri government school among noses.
Smart class has been launched at Malligeri Government Senior Primary School, Taluk, with the intention of getting quality punishment for government school students. 6th to 8th grade students are getting into the facility.


Ever pravarcanagalannu education lesson teaching the calf to calf bennelle now a veteran of two education through Smart Class 6th to 8th taragativarigu English, Maths and Science subjects will be convinced by the smart class. Today’s students understand the urgency of the punishment group. Sponsored by the Sri Dharmasthala Rural Development Institute and the Melligeriya Grapham.

The installation of a 15 cc camera for the first time at the Government Senior Primary School has caused everyone to cheer. School Reform Committee President Ramesh Giraffe has helped to install the CC camera from the grammar level. The collective responsibility of the punishment group has increased. There are 270 students from 1st to 8th grade, 7 students and 3 guest teachers. Donated computers and laptops.

The desk to sit in the room of the students is the President’s responsibility: The government has given uniform to 270 students with responsibility and on the other hand, as a private school, the children of our government schools should be disciplined.

Whats of Group

Since July, all parents have been prepared for the day to day activities of the school, homework, school attendance information, government plans, implementation and lesson plans. The cost is the same as the teacher can handle.

There are school reform committees, chastity lovers everywhere in government schools. Former President Satyeppa Metagudda is one of the most prominent players in the sport, both at the state and national level. The current president, Ramesh, is working on a 10-acre campus with the aim of creating a clean environment with a CCF camera, preference for scout guide training, and moving scaffolding near the school. The number of children in the segment has increased.

However, 6 out of 15 rooms have arrived in a dilapidated condition. The only demand is that nothing has been done, except that the Department of Public Works has received a report last year.

Children of the poorest of school should get quality punishment. I have taken several reforms to ensure that nothing can be less than a private school. It has been rewarded.Officials from the Department of Public Relations have received information about Ramesh Ginger, President, School Improvement Committee, Melligeri, and the Department of Public Relations.

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