Meghana Raj outrage on fake news about her personal life

Actress Meghana Raj was certainly not having it when online platforms leaked pictures and stories around her giving birth to twins. Sharing pictures of the platforms broadcasting such news and labelling those as ‘Fake’ on her personal page, the actress was seen clearing the rumors. “Hello all… its been a while since I spoke about things…I will very soon…until then I request my fans and followers to not heed to any videos or news claiming to know facts just to gain views…Information about myself or my family members will be directly conveyed to you all by me(sic)” posted the actress.

In a bid to stop any speculations around such videos, the actress was also seen assuring her fans and followers that she would be updating them about her personal life directly and not through any channel or information source. She was also seen urging fans to be patient as she would soon be addressing issues.

The actress was also seen sharing pictures of the clips and taking digs at the photoshopped pictures. She was seen calling out the platforms who had photoshopped her pictures.

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