Marriage expenses Rs six crore – Breaks down on first night

A marriage which involved an expenditure of six crore rupees broke down on the first night. The groom was gifted with a luxury Benz car and over five kilograms of gold ornaments but these glittering gifts failed to hold the marriage together.

The groom came into the bedroom fully drunk, which was objected to by the bride. The incident aggravated, after which the lady visited the HAL police station here to file a complaint. The police arrested the accused, Bharath Reddy, after which the court remanded him to judicial custody.

Families of Bharath Reddy and the aggrieved woman came to know of each other through a middleman and the alliance was finalised. The marriage happened on October 29 and the first night rituals were arranged on the next day. As Bharath was intoxicated, the lady kept him away. The situation continued in the same manner the next day.

The bride said that Bharath Reddy’s parents felt that their daughter-in-law was under the grip of a spirit and got procedures performed by a sorcerer. As she resented the behaviour of her husband, mother-in-law Komalamma and father-in-law Lokesh Reddy reportedly attacked her. The lady said that she did not want to marry but the elders decided to perform her marriage as her mother had died recently and conducting an auspicious function the same year, it is believed, augurs well for the family. “During the marriage, a Benz car and five kilograms of gold ornaments were gifted and the marriage was performed on a grand scale. My husband was seen drinking from the very first day, and was behaving strangely. He used to assault me and manhandle me. He did not tell when he would be home.

When questioned, he said he was already married with a child and asked the complainant to lie down in a corner of the home silently. When she resisted this behaviour, her husband and in-laws reportedly put her through sorcery, beat her up, and forced her to eat rice mixed with ash. After coming to know this torture, she said, her sister came here and took her back to her parental home.

The bride said that before the marriage, Bharath Reddy claimed himself to be a mechanical engineering graduate. But now she realised that he did not even complete SSLC education. He used to harass me like the psychos do in films. He always opposed what I said or wanted. He behaved strangely, and it seems he married me because of our riches,” she stated.

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