Marenahalli land dispute settled after 40 years

The High Court in its ruling made it clear that a total of 3.05 acres of land belongs to the government and the BDA, which has opened up a 40-year legal battle between the government and private individuals over the ownership of the land.

The second phase of JP Nagar is Rs. The land of value belongs to No. 18 of the village of Marenahalli, adjoining Saraki. This included 1.34 acres belonging to the Government (Revenue Department) and 1.11 acres of land to the BDA. Private individuals tried to make a claim using a forged document. The old case was known as the Marenahalli Land case.

“The defendants have no claim on the land. He was fired for wrongdoing by the officer (Special Collector Ramanjanayalu). Thus, 1.34 acres of land is owned by the government and the remaining 1.11 acres belongs to the BDA, ” Na. Ravi Malimath and Na. The division bench of BM Sham Prasad made this clear in the judgment.

What’s the case?

The CITB (now the BDA) issued a preliminary notification in 1967 to build the Saracaki layout and a final notification in 1970. Lands belonging to Sarakki, Maranahalli, Narayanappa Shetty Palya, Saraki Agrahara and Beelekahalli were acquired for this purpose. However, on the 1.34-acre state-owned Kharabu farm belonging to MN18, Maranahalli, the Block Development Officer (BDO) of Bangalore South Taluk (BDO) had issued 43 licenses. After the policy was given by the government, the government abandoned the land acquisition process (1996).

At the same time, the Bangalore City Collector’s order (1996) that the BDO did not have the land grant authority sought the cancellation of the account. Following this, the then Chief Minister, responding to Marenahalli residents’ request to save the land, had ordered a COD (now CID) probe (1997). It was mentioned in the investigation report that the forged document was used.

In 1997, the victims challenged the High Court’s revocation order. Meanwhile, the Assistant Commissioner of Bangalore South Taluk has clarified that his office has not issued a charter. Investigations led by the Bangalore Regional Commissioner and the Revenue Department General Secretary confirmed that the land was not sanctioned.

In 2001, the JP Nagar Citizens’ Welfare Association approached the Court against land use and sought public use of the land. The valid court ordered an inquiry. The secretary general of the urban development department, who reviewed the case and confirmed the mistake, said the land could be acquired. The victims also appealed to the then CM Dharam Singh (2005) to award the case on humanitarian grounds. However, it was held that the CM could not comply with the orders of the government. The application was dismissed for questioning again in the High Court. When the SLP filed a petition to the Supreme Court, the petition was dismissed by the order of the CM / Minister (2009) that “no person is entitled to issue compensation to a person in violation of the provisions of the Act”.

Illegal allotment of BDA land:

After the Supreme Court order was issued, the BDA created and distributed sites on its 1.11 acres of land (2010). The victims were once again applying to the then Bangalore City Special Commissioner Ramanjanayalu, who had allocated it to 79 private individuals instead of 34. Knowing this, the BDA chief wrote to the policy makers not to distribute the accounts to the shareholders. The officer’s mistake was proved when the landowners were surveyed by the Survey Department when the shareholders questioned the High Court against the move. In addition to this. There was also an attempt to mislead the court by forging documents that the land was elsewhere. At this stage (2013), the government and the BDA separately appealed to the High Court and requested the rescission of the Special Collector order.

The Marenahalli land dispute has been settled in the High Court. Its official copy must come from the court. The legal action will be taken after receiving each.

-Initial Officer, BDA Legal Division

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