Manveer Gurjar is the winner of Bigg Boss 10

Speculations have been rife that makers plan to declare Manveer Gurjar as the winner of Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 10. Well, after watching Colors most explosive reality show, we must tell you that he indeed does deserve to be the winner. Bani J fans don’t be angry, Manveer has performed better than the MTV Roadies runner up, who also has solid backing of her celebrity friends. Bani might also take the trophy and prize money home, but the winner of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss season 10 is Manveer. The common man has literally transformed and how, we bet that even the channel must be scratching their brains trying to finalise whose win might earn them more TRPs, considering that Colors has been constantly accused of picking favourites.

Now for those of you who are still not convinced let me tell you that Mr Gurjar, who was recently out of the Bigg Boss house to ask fans for vote experienced his popularity in person and so did we. While Manu continued with some antics and even begged fans to come vote for him, Manveer was a star in action. Girls wanted pictures, boys were hooting and ladies couldn’t stop gushing about Gurjar. We weren’t one bit surprised on seeing the latter win this vote activity. Not just that unlike Manu who is constantly looking for support either from Gurjar or someone else in the house and making efforts to please everyone, Manveer is more clear in his approach. He’s a solo player and he has played it far so far. Manveer has had his moments, good and bad with almost everyone. And while doing so he hasn’t really gone overboard. In fact, even celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha who entered the show confessed that Manveer was her favourite contestant. Yes, his fight with now evicted contestant Rohan Mehra in the beginning of the show snowballed and Manveer drew the ire of the LGBT community. However since then the real angry young man of BB 10 has come a long way. And it’s not just his behaviour, the man has transformed and how.

Whether Manveer is declared a winner or not on the show, we bet that his career has already kick started. This commoner is no longer an aam aadmi. And we are sure that he will like he promised is father start afresh. Manveer’s personal story also earned him the audiences’ love and support. So Manveer Gurjar fans when your hero is done with the Bigg Boss season 10 finale on January 29, and either declared a winner or ends up bagging a few projects in entertainment business remember we told you first.

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