Man lost both legs, struggle to bring up the family

Shiji Abraham

An eerie silence greets when visited 37-year-old Raju, who lost both legs due to an incurable illness. Raju, confined to a wheelchair in a single bed-room house, craves to support his physically-challenged wife, and three school-going children. What is quite interesting is Raju’s determination and willpower to earn money to foster his wife and help children to pursue higher studies.

Raju recalls, “I was a healthy man working as a cable operator in a private company. My troubles began in 2013 with a minor stroke. Doctor said it was due to hypercoagulability. I resumed work after recovering from the illness,” he said.

As if it is not enough, one day all of sudden he found a wound on his left toe which later spread to the ankle and came to know that it is an incurable disease.

“Initially, I had treatment at a private clinic. With no improvement in health condition, I went to Manipal Hospital. Doctors told me that my leg had to be amputated to prevent the disease to other parts of the body. They amputated my leg on February 6, 2016,’’ recalls Raju.

It became tough for Raju, who hails from a poor family, to meet the medical expenses of Rs four lakh. “I have two sisters and one brother. My eldest sister had extended her helping hand others did not even visited me. There are occasions where I had helped a number of people but no one is helping when I am in need,’’ rues Raju.

After few months of rest, Raju started to ply an auto rickshaw as he could not continue his previous job, to support his family.

As far as his better half is concerned, Razia Sulthana is an orphan and also physically-challenged. She was working as a caretaker for an elderly lady. Raju, noticing Sulthana’s pitiable condition after the demise of the elderly lady, has decided to marry her despite a lot of opposition from his parents and relatives. The reason is Raju belongs to Hindu community while Sulthana is a Muslim.

As fate would have it, one day while plying an auto rickshaw, Raju experienced a terrible pain in his right leg and he took a pain killer to overcome the pain but soon he realized that his right leg has also affected, “This time I did not go to Manipal hospital as I had no money. I went to a surgeon and he promised that he will be able to heal but months of treatment did not do any good. Meanwhile, someone advised me to go for Homeopathy but that too did not work out finally in Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences Hospital in April, 2018 where the doctors had amputated my right leg too. I want to live for my children; as soon as I can walk I will find a job to support my family. My elder daughter R. Gayathri is studying in sixth standard, the second daughter R. Sangeetha is in fifth standard and the youngest son R. Dharshan is in UKG.”

The only desire he has is to give a good education to his children, as they are very good at studies. “The future is filled with uncertainty since I have no idea how to bring up the family with my physical disabilities.” says Raju.

Recently in a free camp organized in Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital at OB Chudahalli, donated him free of coast wheel chair, crutches and Jaipur foot.

He is looking for your support- Bank Account 009110100101209 IFSC 0000091 Andhra bank. Cox town Branch. Mob.9739646885.


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